Student Edition: Synergized Middle School Chemistry: Matter’s Phases and Properties & Elements and Interactions


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The Student Edition of Synergized Middle School Chemistry (SMSC) is a complete middle school chemistry curriculum written specifically for the middle level learner. The SMSC Student Edition does not include the extensive Teacher Notes or the same Post-Assessments found in SMSC Volume 1: Matter’s Phases and Properties and SMSC Volume 2: Elements and Interactions. These are the teacher edition companions to the SMSC Student Edition and curriculum. 

    The SMSC Student Edition does contain all the student lessons found in SMSC’s Matter’s Phases and Properties (Vol.1) and SMSC’s Elements and Interactions (Vol. 2). All lessons are designed for use with student science notebooks; thus, single SMSC Student Edition books can be used with multiple students or classes. 
    The SMSC curriculum consists of six, sequential lesson sets aligned with the national content standards for middle school physical science – chemistry. SMSC lessons are engaging, hands-on, and relevant. Lessons use “green” materials found in local supermarkets and large discount stores. 
    Readings and reading strategies are provided to develop each student’s ability to read science nonfiction selections with ease and understanding. Students read, write, calculate, and communicate in the context of science. 
    All SMSC Student Edition sections are written for the students and include: an introduction entitled, “What Should You Know Before You Begin Your Study of Chemistry,” practice post-asessments, an appendix that includes an “On-My-Own Guide of Great Science Reading Strategies,” Self-Evaluation Tools, Practice Post-Assessments Answers, Metric Measurement Guide, Resources, References, and a Periodic Table. 

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