Star Education Subtraction Flash Cards, 0-12 (All Facts, 169 Cards) With 2 Rings by Star EducationTM


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Star Education Subtraction Multiplication Flash Cards are great for teaching, reviewing and practicing subtracting numbers. It is ideal for test prep.

✔ Flashcards are a proven method to help improve learning. The old saying of practice makes perfect applies here. People who have used flash cards were proven to get better exam scores for this reason.
✔ It includes: 1 Sturdy Box. 169 Flash Cards. 2 Rings.
✔ The flash cards have 1 square edge and are hole-punched so you can sort the cards easily.
✔ The 2 rings included are great so you can review just 1 set at a time, or for the examples that need more practice…
✔ The cards are approximately 3″x6″, the perfect size for comfortable hand-holding. The numbers are large, bold and clear so it is easy to read even in a large classroom.
✔ The set includes 169 flash cards. Answers are on the back of each card.
✔ This is a great method for teaching visual learners either in the classroom or for your child at home.
✔ This is great for a fast learner to stimulate him or for the extra practice a child needs. With these cards you can teach a child at the level they are up to.

You can play fun math games with this set:

Subtraction War: The person with the lowest answer gets the card. At the end of the game the person with the most cards wins.
Problem Solving Stories: Have the child come up with a problem solving story based on the addition problem on the card.
Multiple Choice: Lay out a few cards. Tell them the answer from one of the cards and they have to choose the right problem.
✔ Or just use your creativity and come up with some games on your own!

Make math fun and get your set of Star Education Subtraction Flash Cards today!


  • ✔ SELF-CHECKING – You can easily see the answers from the example being shown on the back of the card.
  • ✔ EASY SORTING – As opposed to all square edges, this set has 3 rounded edges with 1 Square edge and hole-punched for easy sorting.
  • ✔ 2 RINGS INCLUDED – This set of flash cards includes 2 rings to separate the examples that need practice from those that don’t.
  • ✔ LARGE CLEAR NUMBERS – These flash cards are the perfect hand-held size with large, clear and bold numbers so it easy to see even from the back of the classroom.
  • ✔ TEACH AND REVIEW – It is deal for teaching, reviewing and practicing math multiplication, in the classroom as a whole or each child individually or in groups, at their level.


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