Program-Your-Own Helicopter STEM Educational Kit by Stage One Education


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Our hands-on approach shows students that they can build circuits and write software, regardless of their prior assumptions. By doing, students realize that they can break down large problems (fly a helicopter autonomously) into many small, solvable tasks (add an amplifier, connect the LED array, etc.). Students learn to understand the full process for building and programming a useful microelectronics system. We take students through every layer in their helicopter control system, allowing them to understand each component. With knowledge of this process, the students then can grasp many other microelectronic systems. Full instructions ship with the kit and are online at our website.


  • Full instructions ship with the kit, also online at our website
  • Gets students past barriers such as, “I can’t build electronics,” “I don’t know enough to write a computer program,” “I’m not smart enough to do engineering.”
  • Students build their own circuit, which reverse-engineers the helicopter communication protocol, and allows them to program autonomous flight control for an off-the-shelf small-scale helicopter
  • Over 5,000 students have used this kit to date! Step-by-step instructions for each part of the process
  • Designed by PhD students at MIT in robotics & computer science


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