LEGO Education LearnToLearn Core Set and Curriculum


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LEGO Education LearnToLearn comes with the components needed to create 28 identical kits, each containing the same selection of 72 LEGO elements that students use to solve a variety of activities presented in the curriculum pack. The elements in the kit have been carefully chosen and include a selection of colorful basic bricks and specialty pieces, two minifigures, a baseplate, and a turntable and hinge, which enables students to create models with movement. Each set of bricks can be housed in the included reusable storage bags and either distributed to each student or kept as a set and pulled out when needed.

The LearnToLearn Curriculum Pack introduces elementary teachers to the LEGO Education learning methodology and how to use LEGO bricks for educational purposes. Each of the activities in the areas of science, literacy, math, social studies, and design and engineering has specific learning outcomes and provides examples of what is possible when using LEGO Education products to teach a variety of core subjects.

The pack contains two to three activities for each learning area. The activities are designed to be completed in a 30-to-45 minute time frame. Also included in every lesson are grade-level modifications that allow you to scale the complexity of the activity up or down depending on the student’s learning, experience, or grade level.

Because there are two to three activities for each learning area, educators are able to introduce the LEGO Education methodology broadly across subjects without diving too deep into the curricula. This gives them a taste of the materials, process, and positive impact on learning outcomes and student engagement that LEGO Education solutions bring to the elementary environment.


  • Three getting-started activities and one building license challenge
  • 15 complete activities across five learning areas: science, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and design and engineering
  • Activities also work to promote the development of the following 21st Century Skills: communication, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking
  • A variety of teacher-support materials including classroom management and differentiation tips
  • Used for constructing tall buildings


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