ETA hand2mind Equabeam Balance


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This sturdy, plastic self-correcting balance shows operations, equalities, and inequalities with a double sided crossbeam imprinted with numbers on one side and a blank track on the other. Balance has two convenient, non spill storage compartments that store the included 20 ten gram hanging weights when not in use. Also included are pre-printed and blank value strips which can be slid into the blank track to change the activity. The pre-printed strips can be used to teach time, money, measurement, and arithmetic concepts. Use the write-on/wipe-off blank strips to create a variety of additional activities such as comparing positive and negative numbers, fractions and decimals, Roman and Arabic numerals, and much more. Balance has calibration clips to ensure accuracy. When assembled the balance measures 10-1/2″H x 31″L x 4″D.

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  • A double-sided crossbeam with numbers imprinted on one side and blank on the other (blank side has tracks to hold the included value strips in place)
  • Two convenient, non-spill storage compartments that hold the included 20 ten-gram hanging weights when not in use
  • Includes pre-printed value strips for teaching time, measurement, money, and arithmetic concepts
  • Includes blank, write-on/wipe-off value strips that can be tailored for a variety of activities
  • Includes calibration clips that ensure accuracy


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