Engineer Through the Year: 20 Turnkey STEM Projects to Intrigue, Inspire & Challenge (Grades K-2)


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Can students as young as kindergarten through second grade really be engineers? You bet! Present your class with the exciting challenges in this book, all built to fold right into your current curriculum and tie to your themes and your calendar. Introduce students to Sandi’s simple five-step engineering design process. Then, as you guide them with simple questions, watch your budding engineers delight in designing their own unique drums and sailboats, kites and umbrellas, and so much more. Use these hands-on, open-ended projects to: * Take advantage of children’s natural curiosity * Incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts into your existing curriculum * Develop creativity, collaboration, and problem solving important 21st Century Skills * Establish real-world connections for classroom learning * Differentiate according to your students needs With Engineer Through the Year, students build engineering skills all year long. And they learn to think like engineers for the rest of their lives.


  • A series of challenges that encourage problem solving, creativity, and collaboration
  • Includes 2 challenges for every month of the school year
  • Offers instructions for explaining the process, guide questions, and encourages independent thinking


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