Atomic Structure: Lumi and Naum Explain


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Parents and kids will enjoy learning together while reading this fun-filled early reader, packed with a super-boost of science! In this book you’ll be introduced to two fun characters who will teach kids and parents alike about the structure of atoms by interpreting simple numbers, counting, the concept of inside versus outside, and rhyme. Parents and teachers: Read the “For The Teacher” part of this book first. This will highlight what is to be ‘learned’ from this book. Next, read this book with your student(s) / kid(s), allow your student(s) / kid(s) to make comments about their reading. Next, enjoy the “learning together activities.” Guide your student(s) / kid(s) to the intended learning conclusions. Finally, answer the questions at the end of the book. Chemistry professor James Ross (Kidprofessor) created this and other science books for his own kids. Knowing what areas of chemistry are challenging to his college students, he wanted to offer his own kids a “head-start” by engaging them with fun chemistry stories with unique, fun characters. To benefit his future college students, he now offers this “head-start” to your young reader(s).


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