AgIC Circuit Marker (requires compatible circuit paper separately)


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Make things without losing your excitement.
You just need to write a line for one stroke and the line is thick enough to place those components.
Since you make circuits on paper, you also can cut and fold as long as it does not break the circuits.
Materialize your creativity.
It will bring you a new experience of making electric circuits and accelerate your circuit prototyping.


  • The marker has silver-based conductive ink that dries and becomes conductive immediately on circuit paper. That can draw 40 meters.
  • Make electronic circuits easily, so it’s good for education materials as well as smooth and fast prototyping tool for electric circuits.
  • Circuit marker lets you draw electric circuits on circuit paper. Draw your own circuit on paper, and turn LEDs or motors on.
  • Please be noted that AgIC guarantees its performance only on AgIC circuit paper. AgIC also offers circuit marker set, which includes five sheets of circuit paper.
  • Made in Japan


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