48 Plastic Prepared Microscope Slides Kit BONUS Butterfly Specimen for Kids Student Science STEM Education

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  • Type of butterfly specimen: Random
  • Slide material: PVC
  • Dimension of slide: 6.1 x 2.1cm
  • Red box: mainly insect wings and legs 1. Butterfly leg 2. Butterfly Antenna 3. Butterfly Wing 4. Honeybee wing 5. Honeybee Antenna 6. Honeybee leg 7. Dragonfly Wing 8. Dragonfly Abdomen 9. Dragonfly leg 10. Locust leg 11. Locust Wing 12. Locust Antenna
  • Green Box: mainly the root and stem of vegetables 1. Celery leaf 2. corn stem 3. lotus root 4. cabbage leaf 5. pumpkin ovary 6. ginger root 7. onion Epidermis 8. burdock root 9. carrot root 10. cucumber ovary 11. sponge gourd stem 12. potato starch
  • Yellow box: mainly some flower petals or roots, stems, leaves, etc. 1. dandelion fuzz 2. carnation stem 3. tulip pollen 4. laver 5. lily pollen 6. camellia pollen 7. sunflower pollen 8. bamboo cane 9. phlox leaf 10. pine tree stem 11. veins of holy leaf 12. Agar
  • Blue Box: mainly some animal hair 1. goldfish scale 2. sardine scale 3. plankton egg 4. canary feather 5. rabbit hair 6. cat hair 7. horse hair 8. cow hair 9. sheep hair 10. fowl feather 11. duck feather 12. pigeon feather
  • Package includes: 4x Boxes of prepared microscope slides + 1x real butterfly specimen
  • Features

    • INSECTS, PLANTS, ANIMALS, FLOWERS: Prepared slides come in 4 boxes of 12 slides in each covering a wide variety of specimens. It is great addition to beginner’s microscope kit for children and students. Red slides: insect parts; Green slides: vegetables; Yellow slides: flowers and plants; Blue slides: animal parts
    • BONUS BUTTERFLY SPECIMEN: Kids can learn to observe and appreciate a real life whole insect. They can also learn to prepare their own microscope slides using the real specimen.
    • SAFE PLASTIC SLIDES: Unlike typical glass slides, there are no sharp edges on these plastic slides, making it safe to touch for children.


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